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The term “democracy” comes from demos, “common people,” and kratos, “strength.” Athenians (Greek) established what was considered the first democracy in 508–507 BC. The Romans further streamlined the process, and during the Middle Ages, there were various systems involving elections or assemblies, although often only including a small part of the population.

Democratic governments and institutions are preferred throughout the globe because of the unique approach of empowering people to elect their leaders based on merit. Other governance structures like monarchy or feudalism force their leaders on the people and have mostly been rejected. Democracy ensures that citizens participate in elections, and elected leaders work for the betterment of people.

However, in the 21st century, this sacred bond is jeopardized and has fallen prey to personal greed and corporate overlords. There has been a recent spike in unfair election practices across the world, leading to unethical elections resulting in failed democracies.

It is no strange news that corporations aiming for total control are rigging polls and resorting to unfair practices to get their preferred candidates elected, who will take forward the sponsor’s agenda instead of working for the welfare of the people. 2016 U.S presidential elections were actively investigated for vote tampering and social media manipulation.

We at election.org believe that democracy is a religion, and fair elections are the only way to maintain the sanctity of this institution. In the current setup, media and the internet is heavily manipulated and is only highlighting issues and candidates of the highest bidder. Public perception is continually being influenced by broadcasting unverified and fake propaganda. At election.org, we are dedicated to bringing authentic and verified information related to the U.S elections. Consider it a one-stop unbiased venue for – All you need to know about U.S Elections. Our team and volunteers are committed to ensuring that we do not succumb to corporate pressure and continue our journey of bringing the truth to light.


  • To create an unbiased platform for 2020 U.S Elections.
  • To showcase the issue-based stand of every candidate.
  • To provide fair and impartial coverage of every candidate. (No media bias)
  • To highlight the issues which matter without attempting to manipulate the voters.
  • To raise funds for Non-profits who are working towards electoral reforms. (Fairvote.org, Rockthevote.org, Opensecrets.org)
  • To assist candidates in raising funds.
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Our mission is to pave the way for a robust unbiased platform that talks about candidates and issues that matter and assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to choosing a leader you deserve. We will use crowdfunding to ensure transparency, and every cent raised will be either used for infrastructure purposes or floated further to several NGOs with similar goals.


Our vision is to create a one-stop platform that covers the details of the electoral process, highlights the shortcomings, and identifies essential electoral reforms for the smooth functioning of U.S elections.

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