Bernie’s Nevada Win, Castro Fiasco And Upcoming Races

Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s Nevada Win, Castro Fiasco And Upcoming Races

Despite Elizabeth Warren’s stunning performance in the Nevada debate, it was Bernie who won a majority of pledged delegates in the  Nevada caucus with Biden coming in at a disappointing second place. 

The night of the debate was a big fundraising night for the Democratic candidates, with Warren and Sanders leading the pack, followed by Buttigieg and Klobuchar. 

The upcoming South Carolina primary on the 29th February is projected to be the most contentious yet because of Biden’s continued support in the African-American community, Warren’s surge in the polls due to her epic takedown of Mike Bloomberg in the Nevada debate and Bernie’s double-digit lead in most national polls.

 Tonight though, the projected front runner of the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders, faces significant backlash for making pro- Fidel Castro statements in a 60 minutes interview with Anderson Cooper. It is unclear yet how this will affect Bernie’s poll numbers, but an adverse ripple effect amongst Latinx voters is anticipated. 

However, the biggest concern for all democratic candidates except for Bernie, Bloomberg and Steyer, remains an ever-looming cash crunch in the lead up to super Tuesday FEC reports and campaign disclosures reflect that the candidates may be spending more than they are raising. But we are currently in what is known in political circles as “Spending Season” not just for individual donors but also PACs, Corporations, etc., and election season has only just begun!

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