Biden v Sanders: The Politician v The Revolutionary


Biden v Sanders: The Politician v The Revolutionary

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was a scorched earth mandate delivered to Washington by the American voters. Even though it was an unofficial slogan of the Trump campaign, Americans honestly did want the swamp drained. People tend to have extreme opinions about whether or not Trump succeeded in delivering that campaign promise, but that’s neither here nor there. 

The Democratic debate on Sunday was an eye-opener about the kind of primary this has been from the very beginning.

Biden is a career politician, and he is most beloved, Bernie has been in politics for decades now, but he has the spirit of an activist. This contrast was evident throughout the debate on Sunday, Biden wants to beat Trump and Bernie wants to beat the system.

Biden stated that Democrats should unite and beat Trump in order “to restore this country’s soul.” Sanders argued that the conversation needs to be about “the power structure in America,” namely, “the billionaires who contribute money to political campaigns” therefore, allowing them to “control the legislative agenda.”

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For Sanders, the point is that- the American health care system is deeply flawed and failing Americans. He said that “the pandemic exposes the tremendous weakness and dysfunctionality of our health care system.” 

“People are looking for results, not a revolution,” Was Biden’s retort and also his most memorable line from last night. It is also reflective of the cause that the Biden campaign is fighting for- He is a restorationist, he wants to better the system, but more than anything else, he wants to restore the pre-trump status quo. 

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