Sequel to Super Tuesday Continues:  Biden Takes Washington State

Super Tuesday

Sequel to Super Tuesday Continues:  Biden Takes Washington State

It’s been almost a week since the sequel to Super Tuesday, but the results of the Washington State primary just came in. Even though the official date of the state’s primary was March 10th, all voting in the state happens via mail-in ballot, and they are ready to announce that Joe Biden has won Washington State.

Biden has been on an upward glide ever since the South Carolina primary, and this cements his position as the presumptive nominee. 

There is something to be said about Biden taking a state by a landslide that Bernie won by nearly 45 points in 2016. It is evident that Bernie’s campaign has been unsuccessful in motivating minorities as well as the youth vote to mobilize for him.

“Here we are, a really blue state, very progressive, very supportive of Bernie four years ago,” former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire, who has endorsed Biden, told Politico in an interview. “So, if Bernie Sanders can’t win, and win big here, I think that is a really troubling message for the campaign for Bernie Sanders.”

The state held a caucus in March 2016 and a nonbinding primary in May — a practice that is required by state law — though only the outcome of the former mattered in the delegates race.

Washington leans progressive, and this Biden victory highlights just how much momentum he’s picked up since Super Tuesday.

While Biden’s success in Washington sends a disheartening message for Sanders as four more states go to the polls on Tuesday, and Sanders doesn’t seem to be giving up anytime soon.

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