Did People Lose Confidence In Trump On Coronavirus?


Did People Lose Confidence In Trump On Coronavirus?

In the initial days of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, Trump saw a polling surge the likes of which he has never witnessed before in his term. People gave him high marks, and a majority approved of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and that showed in is overall job approval numbers that hovered around 50%.

Those days are now long gone. Trump’s job approval numbers have now plummeted to the low- to mid-40s as a majority of the public now disapproves of how he tackled the coronavirus crisis.

Over 60% of people in the latest poll released on Sunday said that Trump did not take “the threat seriously at the beginning.” A Pew Poll found that 65% of respondents thought that Trump was very slow to identify the threat posed by a coronavirus, while 34% were of the opinion that he was fast to do so.

What has changed? It’s not easy to pinpoint just one thing, but two factors definitely throw some light on it. Firstly, Trump’s happy talk and increasingly political attacks at the daily coronavirus task force meetings and secondly the continually rising number of deaths in America, nearly 41,000 deaths as of Sunday evening.

Needless to say, public opinion has turned on Trump over coronavirus, and it had returned his overall approval numbers back to where they were before all of this began. Now the question is whether his perceived too-slow handling of the pandemic pulls his numbers down even lower. Only time will tell if President Trump will be able to regain the trust and confidence of the public before the November election.

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