COVID Update: The US Expresses Anger Over China’s Misleading Statements

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COVID Update: The US Expresses Anger Over China’s Misleading Statements

Blaming China yet again for the outbreak of the global Coronavirus pandemic, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on Friday, said that the United States is working with other countries to make sure they understand that coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China.

Stressing that the burden is on Beijing to explain where the virus came from, Pompeo told in an interview that China knew about the virus by December 2019. Even after notifying the World Health Organisation (WHO), it did not share the complete share all of the information.

He went on to say that China failed to comply with the international health regulations of the WHO. “China failed to comply with the most fundamental and international health regulations of the WHO and did a lot of things, and we can talk about them at great length to cover that up.”

Pompeo alleged that the World Health Organization failed in its mission to protect the world from the pandemic. 

He assured that the US is not going to let the same thing happen again. “We’re going to set up something, a system, which delivers an outcome which reduces the risk that anything like this can ever happen again, from China or from anyplace else,” he said. 

Trump halts WHO funding

US President Donald Trump last week halted US funding to the UN body after alleging mismanaging the coronavirus crisis. Trump has blamed WHO’s “very much sided” approach to China on coronavirus crisis, asserting that many people are unhappy with the global health agency and feel that “it’s been very unfair.” Trump said: “Today I am instructing my administration to halt the funding of WHO while the review is conducted is assessing WHO’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the Coronavirus.

In an apparent reference to China, he said: “Everybody knows what’s going on there.” American taxpayer provides about 400 million to 500 million dollars per year to WHO. In contrast, China contributes only 40 million dollars or less. As the highest contributor, it is our duty to insist on full accountability.”


Source: Republic World

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