Warren And Biden Team Up For New Biden Campaign Ad


Warren And Biden Team Up For New Biden Campaign Ad

Former Vice President Joe Biden teamed up with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts to call and personally thank small-dollar donors to his presidential campaign for a new video that was released on Sunday by the Biden campaign.

In the video, Biden and Warren appear thank several of the former vice president’s supporters for their donations, this of course was a trademark move of the Warren Campaign, where they would release videos of Warren calling up small amount donors to personally thank them for their support. The videos bought a lot of goodwill for Warren during her own campaign for the Democratic nomination over the past year, often going viral and being labeled “Heart-warming”.

“We’re gonna do our best not to disappoint you, and we’re gonna take this country back and build a better country in the process with your help,” Biden appears to tell one of his supporters in the video.

Warren became known during her own presidential bid for personally calling supporters and thanking them for their generosity and staying in the meet and greet lines for upwards of three hours to take a selfie with all the supporters who came out to see her. Her campaign also occasionally name-checked individual donors in emails sent to supporters.

The Massachusetts senator is reportedly on a very short list of potential vice presidential picks for Biden, who is now the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee and has pledged to select a woman to run on the ticket with him.

Warren’s main rivals for the job are her colleagues in the Senate and also former presidential candidates, Senators Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar.

The main roadblock to Warren’s path to becoming the Vice President is the fact that Massachusetts has a Republican Governor and would most probably choose a Republican for holding her seat in the Senate.

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