President Trump Threatens To Defund Nevada And Michigan Elections Over Voter Fraud


President Trump Threatens To Defund Nevada And Michigan Elections Over Voter Fraud

President Donald Trump allegedly accused two states in the country of carrying out voter fraud and also threatened to withhold critical election funding from them on Wednesday because of their efforts to make it easier to cast a ballot amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Trump pointed at Nevada and Michigan, which is a critical swing state he won marginally by over 10,000 votes in 2016. Trump incorrectly said Michigan was planning to send a mail-in ballot to every voter for elections in 2020. The state declared that on Tuesday, it was sending an absentee ballot application and not a ballot to every registered voter.

Georgia’s secretary of state, a Republican, had also announced a similar plan earlier this year, a plan developed in close coordination with the Trump campaign. Republican secretaries of state in other places, such as West Virginia and Iowa, have also decided to send absentee ballot applications to all voters.

On Wednesday in a second tweet, Trump also said he would block federal funding from Nevada after its Republican secretary of state agreed to mail a ballot to voters for the state’s 9 June primary. Facing a Democratic-led lawsuit, Clark county, home of 70% of voters, agreed to send ballots to not just active voters, but inactive ones the state suspects have moved. Republicans argue that decision leaves ballots vulnerable to fraud.

Many studies have shown voter fraud is very rare, and Trump himself voted by mail in Florida earlier this year.

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