Creating and distributing original content not only helps the masses but also acts as an enriching and profitable model for the creator. While the impoverished population is mostly trauma stricken, the fearless proudly holds a pen. In today’s time, every content creator must contribute towards the betterment of the society as the media has been hijacked along with our democracy.

At, we aim to publish only authentic and verified information related to the United States elections. To serve the large audience base on our website, we are looking for passionate individuals like you, who are ready to spark a revolution with their words and thoughts.

We at are inviting content associates who create content that matters to the people instead of fake propaganda being circulated by corporate-owned media.

Content Guidelines

  • The content may vary in the form, which means you are free to publish your piece in the form of a photograph, video, podcast, graphic/infographic, or blog/article.
  • The content should be original and should not be plagiarized.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has excellent writing and communication skills
  • Has keen knowledge of US elections, US politics, and Social Issues.
  • Is highly creative and passionate

We believe in giving fair opportunities to all who want to join hands with us. Unlike other websites, we will provide you with 100% of the Ad revenue generated from your content.

Example – If one blog view generates 0.30 cents and the total monthly views generated is 100, then you will be paid $30.

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