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Every Voter Should Get Safe and Secure Ballot Access

With your support, Election.org and our Overseas Vote initiative can help more voters participate during this current COVID-19 crisis

It’s a crucial time for our democracy, and we need your assistance.

This election year, Election.org is in a outstanding position. We own the technology and the equipment that can help you and other voters participate in the election. This year whether voters opt for an absentee vote-by-mail ballot, or not, will be a deciding factor for voter participation. We need your assistance to ensure that we can attain the capacity to reach out to more voters.

Our 2020 Vision – “Every Citizen is a Voter” – has transformed to:

Every Citizen is a Voter, and They Deserve Safe and Secure Ballot Access.

Election.org and our Foreign Vote initiative caters to U.S. citizens with online tools so an individual living anywhere in the world can register to vote and request their vote-by-mail absentee ballot using state-specific voter forms.

Your contribution makes a difference! Millions of voters rely on our channels for voter services and information – and in 2020, even more people need our help. To fulfill the requirement, we need yours.

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Our objective to develop and maintain voter technology and data never stops. Recurring donations give election.org a reliable foundation to count on—letting us go beyond daily operations to plan for the future.

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