Protect Your Democratic Rights By Sending Ilhan Back To Congress

Help us to get Rep Ilhan Omar Re-elected To The House.

What Does Omar Stand For?

  • Omar wholeheartedly supports student loan forgiveness programs, as well as free tuition for college students whose family income is below $125,000.
  • She plans to eliminate all $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt, funded by an 0.5% tax on stock transactions and an 0.1% tax on bond transactions.
  • She supports Medicare for All as proposed in the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act.
  • She has always fought for the working class’s rights and supports a $15 hourly minimum wage.

We have just seven days left!

Omar dreams of transitioning to a 100% clean energy economy and end subsidies and tax breaks to the fossil fuel industry. Let’s rebuild a cleaner and smarter nation!

She is also focused on bringing changes in the education system by pushing policies addressing the rising cost of college. That includes policies like establishing tuition-free college and eliminating the existing student loan debt that’s currently holding millions of Americans back. Let’s empower the youth!

She is like a ray of hope for every citizen and immigrant trying to get up on their feet in the land of opportunity. Help us re-elect the voice of ordinary people. Every voice matters in a democracy!

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