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Who Are We

We are a high-performing political advertising firm with an exceptional track record of delivering groundbreaking results. We embodied the evolution of conventional political campaign advertising to this new age of sleek advertising, which is creative, engaging, thought-provoking and compelling. We use technology-driven strategic decisions to influence your voters to elect the right leader.

What We Do

Political campaign management

Political campaign management is not just about promoting a political organization or a candidate. It is about developing an ideology – a set of beliefs that a candidate stands for and a set of promises which the community looks up to. The paradigm shift from traditional methods of political advertising to an interactive digital forum encouraging keen participation needs to be controlled and managed with a lab like precision for the desired outcome. We understand the importance of both traditional advertising and digital political advertising to reach the broadest spectrum of the target audience.

“As a lead agency for India’s leading political party in both 2019 and 2014, we pioneered the use of digital analytics, micro-targeting, and media organization in campaigns. It’s the same spirit of innovation that fuels our team to deliver exceptional results continually.”

Our Services

Broadcast Production

Our team is known to deliver the highest quality film, video, and audio production to meet your requirements and budget. A senior producer familiar with your story, your messaging core, your values, and your footage heads the project, and in-house editing and graphics capabilities help us create memorable ad campaigns, allowing us to tap into the voters’ psyche instantly, leaving a long-term impression.


Gone are those days when political spots were only about competing for mere attention with other candidates. In the current digital ecosystem, one needs to captivate and dominate the narrative to stand out from the high- production value commercial ads that swamp the airwaves. We have a perfect blend of young minds blossoming with innovative ideas together with seasoned Madison Avenue intelligentsia – to make sure your message has the creativity, production value and and a grassroots touch to stand out in the crowd.

Media Buying 

The right spot garners the best attention. Getting the right spot is as elemental as producing an out-of-box campaign. Our seasoned media buyers map the latest research data to identify key audiences and target voters with content that stimulates them. We are always ahead of the opponents’ media activities and independent expenditure campaigns so that you can maneuver swiftly before the other side gains positive traction.

Strategic Development 

Even before the first ad is conceptualized, we’re working with your team to create a unique narrative-based message architecture for your campaign. Our senior political consultants work intimately with you to mold research and create communication that resonates with the voters.

Candidate Prep & Media Training

Helping you formulate a winning strategy is a crucial part of what we do. Speechwriting and media training are few of our services that help candidates engage audiences and deliver impactful commitments. 

Rapid Response & Crisis Management

In this unpredictable battle, we stand with you on the front lines. We always prepare ahead for any crisis, and when one unfolds, our immediate yet thoughtful strategy helps contain and engineer a favorable outcome. 


In current times, Social Media is where perceptions are framed, shattered, and reinvented. Digital platforms will be the central hub of your political campaign, and our in-house GEEKS will establish new relationship dynamics with your key audiences using short bursts of captivating, favorable, non-advertising content, which would subtly deconstruct the fears of floating voters and make your proponents love you more. Integrating strategy, creativity, and technology, we produce viral campaigns.

Why Choose Us

We are storytellers who know how to make people fall in love with our protagonist. Creative Content arouses emotions and tells a story that is a continuous narrative revolving around your focus issues and your stand. Our campaigns trigger an emotional connection and incite action.

  • Experienced Political Strategists

We have been delivering outstanding results in the world’s largest democracy – India, managing a diverse and dynamic voter base of 900 million+, where issues and priorities range from clean water to lower corporate taxes; where narratives are shattered every moment and till the last second outcomes can be influenced – we have aced the demographics and exceeded our candidates’ expectation, so much so that both the leading and the opposition sides wish to work with us From political strategy to paid media planning, from creative storytelling and design to sophisticated campaign development, we have crafted a winning roadmap.

  • In-house innovation

Our world-class creative team conceives and delivers your brainchild. Your voters who were curious about your stand at the beginning of your campaign transforms into your advocate by the end of your campaign and help you get word-of-mouth.

  • Winning research

We invest in research to learn about what entices demographics, boosts CTR, and validates your brand. We don’t just speak to your audience – we leverage research to understand your audience.

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Our work has proven to transform political identities. From launching digital campaigns to landing front-page stories and creating a brand new perception, we make it our mission to connect our clients to their audience. If you wish to make an impact, let’s start a conversation.

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