Joe Biden: The Not So Presumptive Nominee?

Joe Biden

Joe Biden: The Not So Presumptive Nominee?

The Democratic primaries are now down to two candidates; only one state really mattered last night on Super Tuesday (Mini): Michigan. 

Bernie Sanders has rested his electability on his alleged unique ability to win states like Michigan, the so-called “rust belt” states that had gone to Donald Trump in 2016. Bernie has made some controversial campaign decisions, like doing a Fox News Town Hall or touting an endorsement by Joe Rogan. All in an effort to justify the rationale that Sanders alone could win back the white working-class voters who chose Trump over the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden scored a crucial victory in the Democratic nomination race on Tuesday by taking the state of Michigan and delivering a  significant blow to his rival, the Vermont senator.

The former vice-president also notched up expected wins in the primaries in Mississippi and Missouri, leaving Washington, Idaho, and North Dakota still to declare.

Speaking from Philadelphia, Biden seemed confident about Tuesday’s election results and spoke in a tone that hinted his race against Donald Trump might be about to begin.

“Just over a week ago, many of the pundits declared that this candidacy was dead. Now we’re very much alive,” Biden said. “Although there’s a way to go, it looks like we’re going to have another good night.”

When he mentioned Sanders, Biden didn’t try to differentiate himself from the Vermont senator, but rather thanked him and reached out to his ardent supporters.

I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless passion,” Biden said. “We share a common goal, and together we’ll defeat Donald Trump.”

In an effort to signify the seriousness of his defeat, Sanders chose against offering a speech, instead choosing to return to his home in Burlington, Vermont.

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