Who Will Be Biden’s Running Mate? Probably Not Warren, Obama Weighs In


Who Will Be Biden’s Running Mate? Probably Not Warren, Obama Weighs In

The Democratic front-runner, Joe Biden, said on Sunday that he needed to start the vetting of possible running mates “in a matter of weeks.” 

Sources have reported that Joe Biden has a shortlist of more than six women to be his running mate and will start the vetting process soon he said on Sunday during a call with donors.

Biden, who indicated he had consulted with his former boss, President Barack Obama, didn’t actually mention any names. But he also said nothing to dispel the speculation that he’s been considering the three female senators who ran against him for president — Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren.

“Background checks matter. They have to be prepared,” Biden said, adding that he wants to ensure that “there’s not going to be any snafu” with his selection.

“The most important thing and I’ve actually talked to Barack about this — the most important thing is that there has to be someone who, the day after they’re picked, is prepared to be president of the United States of America if something happened,” said Biden, who is 77.

Biden stated that he needs “someone who is comfortable with where I am” on the policy. He does not want someone with “a restricted view of the United States and its required influence in the world.” He wants to make sure that his pick is not “at odds, in any fundamental way, with my attitude toward healthcare or education.” 

Which some speculate may have been a clear message that his ultimate choice is probably not going to be progressive, Elizabeth Warren.

“I think there are plenty of women who are ready, been tested out there who are capable of answering all those questions,” Biden said, highlighting that “I have to start that vetting process relatively soon, meaning in a matter of weeks…there will be a group that is in excess of six or seven people that I look at.”

A donor asked Biden about his possible running mate and also plugged for former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates, who was present on the call. Democrats have widely hailed Yates after she was fired from her post in 2017 for not defending President Trump’s immigration policy in court.

“She’s really incredible. Sally’s an incredible person,” Biden said.

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