Primary Season Is On Hold, But Joe Biden Is Actively Campaigning Against Trump

Joe BIden

Primary Season Is On Hold, But Joe Biden Is Actively Campaigning Against Trump

The primaries may have been halted, but Joe Biden is taking that ‘presumptive nominee’ status seriously. The former VP appeared on Meet the Press on NBC Sunday morning, and it was borderline surreal.

Due to coronavirus pandemic, both the host and his first act guests were broadcasting live from their respective home studios. The production values left a lot to be desired. Lags in the Satellite transmission hampered the banter at critical moments, and even though Biden avoided any major gaffes, he did stumble over words or shifted narratives mid-sentence. It served as a stark reminder that he might have ridden the Obama legacy to front-runner status, but he’s not even close to as eloquent as his former boss. Mostly due to the stutter that he’s had since he was a child, a fact that many are still unaware of.

The former vice president had a clear double-edged message to deliver to President Trump and the general American public.

First, that the president should listen and adhere to the advice of qualified scientific and economic experts about Covid-19, and second, that the president should convey what they are telling him to the American public accurately.

No more wishful thinking and no more inaccuracy, just a genuine and solemn effort to prepare the American people for what is likely to be a prolonged hardship. And to mobilize all the available resources at the federal government’s disposal to alleviate that trauma with the use of the Defense Production Act and additional fiscal stimulus that goes beyond what Congress has already passed.

The critical moment of the interview came when host Chuck Todd said that scientists are forecasting that it may take until June before the United States can start safely relaxing the social distancing restrictions placed upon the people.

“You’re certainly hearing scientists say that and an occasional governor will say that, Dr. Fauci might say that,” Todd said. “But you don’t hear a consistent message nationally. How would you convey that to the American people, basically telling them another 60 days of home confinement? That’s a lot to ask of the American public.”

“We should be telling the American people the truth,” Biden responded.

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