President Trump Looks Baffled As Rival Joe Biden Leads In Battleground States


President Trump Looks Baffled As Rival Joe Biden Leads In Battleground States

It can already be seen that Joe Biden has a poll lead over Donald Trump in the battleground states that will likely decide the US election, giving him the advantage in a campaign upended by the coronavirus pandemic. 

With only six months to go before the vote, Biden is ahead in five of the six states which the US president won with the narrowest margins in the 2016 election. 

Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and Arizona are all leaning towards Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. So far, North Carolina is leaning to Donald Trump. 

If the states vote along with this pattern in the actual election on November 3, then Trump will almost definitely be defeated and consigned to history as a one-term president.

Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior has been drawing everyone’s attention and concern. When President Trump feels as though things aren’t going his way, he reacts like a cornered animal: He attacks, attacks, attacks.

That position — and reaction — is where we are today regarding the President. Take a look at his Sunday morning Tweets. Here are the topics he covered:

* The media as “Chinese puppets.”

* “RIGGED Elections”

* Polls

* Polls — “Fake” and otherwise

* A video of Mike Tyson sparring

* Missing campaign rallies

* The coronavirus “cure” being worse than the “problem.”

* George W. Bush not defending him during the impeachment

* His golf course in Scotland

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