U.S. CDC Issues Guidelines To Help States In Reopening Schools And Workplaces


U.S. CDC Issues Guidelines To Help States In Reopening Schools And Workplaces

On Thursday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidelines to let schools and workplaces determine if they want to resume working.

To assess willingness to open workplaces, restaurants & bars, mass transit, childcare, camps, and schools, the department released six “decision trees” that include yes-or-no options.

A CDC spokesman said in his emailed statement, “These six decision trees are to help leaders of these entities in thinking through health considerations and making operational decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The tools focus on working in tandem with state and local health officials. They will provide much-needed help to business owners to develop policies for their employees.

For example, to decide whether a restaurant or bar should open, the guideline asks whether the business will protect its employees for illness or will it be a consistent opening with state and local orders. If the answer turns out to a ‘No,’ it’s advised that the restaurant and bar are not open.

At many places, businesses are encouraged to ask employees to use masks. The CDC already recommends that while present in public spaces, people should wear face masks.

The CDC also said that it might issue more guidelines to help states as they gradually begin to reopen businesses.

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