Workers Filed Class-Action Lawsuit Against McDonald’s Over COVID-19 Safety


Workers Filed Class-Action Lawsuit Against McDonald’s Over COVID-19 Safety

On Tuesday, five McDonald’s workers in Chicago filed a class-action lawsuit against the fast-food company, claiming that the food chain has failed to adopt government safety guidance on COVID-19 and has put the employees and their families in danger.

The lawsuit copy accuses McDonald’s of failing to provide the required number of hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks and not informing its staff when an employee has been tested positive with the coronavirus.

However, McDonald’s denied the accusation and said that the allegations were inaccurate. Things like safety, including wellness checks and protective gear, were the company’s top priority.

The workers have requested the Illinois state court to issue an order for McDonald’s to stop asking workers to reuse masks, make face coverings mandatory for customers, and inform the employees if a coworker becomes infected.

Separately, McDonald’s workers filed administrative actions over allegedly unsafe conditions with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health at three California locations on Tuesday.

Over fears of getting sick, employees at restaurants, warehouses, and other essential businesses operating during the COVID-19 outbreak have registered their protest and walked off the job.

Though only a few cases have been filed, trade groups have warned of a wave of litigation over the pandemic.

Earlier, retailer Walmart Inc and meat producers JBS SA and Tyson Foods Inc were each sued over employee deaths from the coronavirus.

A workers group also sued Smithfield Foods Inc [SFII.UL] demanding safety measures in a lawsuit that, like the McDonald’s case, claimed the company was a public nuisance.

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