Bernie Might Stay In The Race Till June


Bernie Might Stay In The Race Till June

His staff announced last week that he is reassessing his campaign, but following that,  Bernie Sanders did not make any definite statements about whether he is still running or not.

But he has given every indication since that he’s pressing forward and maybe remaining in the presidential race for the foreseeable future.

Bernie Sander’s campaign made news on Tuesday night; he said he’s looking forward to being in the April debate with Joe Biden.

“If there is a debate in April, he plans to be there,” Sanders communications director Mike Casca told CNN.

The Democratic National Committee had planned for an April debate, but there doesn’t seem to be any movement, publicly, to announce any specific date or even a media sponsor. Sanders’ statement might be a play to force the committee’s hand.

“Bernie has every reason to stay in,” James Zogby, a Democratic National Committee member, commented. Zogby, who has spoken with Sanders recently and urged him to continue to run. “He has a role to play in policies, of course, but also continuing to be the glue that holds the progressive movement together.”

Sanders has started doing cable TV interviews for the first time since his loss in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois, and his campaign is continuing to engage in the delegate selection process in the states.

Not everybody is on board the Bernie train though- “It’s time to move on,” said Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, which has endorsed Biden. “It’s time to coalesce and put all of our various groups and parts of our movement and society together and get ready for what’s going to be a hell of a battle in the general election,” he said.

Several  Sanders’ aides and allies are arguing that he could win even with the long odds and that he has a position to fill in, pushing the party towards progressive policy, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

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